Explain how storage works with multiple disks and frameworks


I have this use case:

  • /dcos/volume0 -> mounted to ssd disk, small and fast disk

  • /dcos/volume1 -> mounted to big and slow disk

I want:

  • frameworkA to use /dcos/volume0 (eg. kafka)

  • frameworkB to use /dcos/volume1 (eg. elasticsearch)

Explain how to constrain FrameworkA to use disk /mnt/volume0 and FrameworkB to use /dcos/volume1

I used dynamic reservation (via http endpoint) to link /dcos/volume0 to kafk-role, but I guess that a framework always makes a dynamic reservation of resources for a specific role. and is not looking for disk dynamically reserved to that role via http endpoint.
If this is true, how can I solve my case?

Are static and dynamic reservation generating the same state for resources broadcasted to frameworks?
Is static reservation deprecated as explained here: http://mesos.apache.org/documentation/latest/reservation ?

I suggest to update this page https://dcos.io/docs/1.7/administration/storage/ and this page, probably outdated, page https://support.mesosphere.com/hc/en-us/articles/206474745-How-to-reserve-resources-for-certain-frameworks-in-Mesos-cluster-