Spark CLI cries bad permissions on Windows


The dcos spark run command fails on Windows with Permissions '0o666' for configuration file 'C:\Users\harpreet\.dcos\dcos.toml' are too open. File must only be accessible by owner. Aborting...

Tested on:

  • Windows 10 64 bit

  • DC/OS CLI 0.4.10 precompiled Binary

  • spark 1.0.1-2.0.0

  • Poweshell
    (But I expect this to happen on all Windows machines with a recent spark cli installed)

Here is the complete command line output :

DC/OS CLI introduced file permissions check for the config file in 0.4.6 but it skipped the check on Windows since the check was based on *nix permissions.

On further inspection of subcommand code I noticed that the subcommand's version of does not skip windows

I guess that the spark subcommand needs to be updated to use the latest code that skips the check on Windows


Michael Gummelt