Ability to manually specify records in spartan/mesos-dns


When using DC/OS environments, the ability to create manual records that exist in the proxied DNS and available to all nodes (and docker containers) would be very beneficial.


Sargun Dhillon
August 19, 2016, 11:11 PM

How do you propose the records are loaded?

John Omernik
August 19, 2016, 11:48 PM

Not understanding much about mesos-dns or spartan itself, my opinion may not carry much weight to the discussion. What I see from an ignorant user perspective, is I have a enclave of servers my cluster. My cluster will not supplant my traditional tech at my large traditional org quickly, but it is a disruptive technology (in a good way) to normal course of business. In setting this up, I rely on my corp DNS servers which I have little control over, and thus my enclave of servers use them as an external resolver, which works, and then rely on mesos-dns for the application running on the agents. What I need is some knowledge of the hostnames/ips of the servers themselves being represented by the spartan/mesos-dns stuff. Why? Because my docker containers need to connect to hosts by hostname in my enclave, and I am unsure how to get them registered in my corp DNS. (This is a POC but there are other scenarios that could apply as well) In addition, I may wish to take certain external resolutions and short circuit them, and use internal (.mesos) IPs or CNAMEs

So how would this work? I could go crazy and say can I shim a bind server in there somewhere? Using BIND standard zone files would allow me all the flexibility, but obviously increases support/complexity costs. I don't need all the power of bind, but maybe that's where the question should lead us... what is the total scope of what we need to do here?

Is it just the ability to add some A/CNAME records? Is it the ability to create zones that DCOS cluster can rely on? Do we need full DNS baked into the fabric?

I know in the short term, I am looking for a way to at least have hostnames of the mesos agent and mesos masters resolve to their IPs without an external DNS server, beyond that, I'd be interested in others user stories on this.



Sargun Dhillon