Specific DC/OS versions should be built against specific `dcos-module` branches.


Currently the `mesos-modules` package in DC/OS is built against the `dcos/dcos-mesos-modules` master. The Mesos modules in the `dcos/dcos-mesos-modules` repo has dependencies on Mesos headers and should always be compiled against the Mesos source include in DC/OS (mesosphere/mesos). Hence, we have introduced branches in the `dcos/dcos-mesos-modules` to track the version of DC/OS. This would help maintainability of the `dcos/dcos-mesos-modules` repo when we want to fix issues in the Mesos modules against minor versions of DC/OS.

Since, we have branches in the `dcos/dcos-mesos-modules` repo we should be compiling the `mesos-modules` package against a specific branch that conforms to the DC/OS Mesos version.


Avinash Sridharan