Synchronize 1.9 Component Names


The following renames need to be reflected in the 1.9 docs.

Phase 1 - These components are getting "soft renames":

  • Metrics Service -> DC/OS Metrics

  • Log Service -> DC/OS Log

  • History Service -> DC/OS History

  • Signal -> DC/OS Signal

Phase 2 - The following components are getting "hard renames" (meaning the source, binary, and systemd-unit name will change):

  • 3DT (Diagnostics) -> DC/OS Diagnostics

Phase 3 - The following components are getting "soft renames" to include their actual names in parentheses to avoid confusion until they get full project renames:

  • Package Service -> DC/OS Package Manager (Cosmos)

  • Pkgpanda API -> DC/OS Component Package Manager (Pkgpanda)

  • Jobs Service -> DC/OS Jobs (Metronome)

  • DNS Dispatcher -> DC/OS DNS Forwarder (Spartan)

  • OAuth Service -> DC/OS Authentication (OAuth)

Phase 4 - EE still pending.

Reasoning (summarized from email discussion):

1) To simplify the components list, related systemd units should be considered a single component, this mostly aligns components with Pkgpanda packages. Like Pkgpanda packages, component may include service + timer + socket. Unlike Pkgpanda, components include master + agent + public agent varieties.

2) Given #1, it would be hard to document components with "service" in the name. So "Service" should not be used as part of the component name and only used to describe the systemd service.

3) Given #2, some of the component names would super generic, when in fact they are DC/OS specific. So prefix them with "DC/OS". Most (if not all) components already have a "dcos-" prefix in the systemd unit name. So this is a relatively minor change.

4) Users, operators, and system admins all need to be able to find logs for components. To facilitate this, the name shown in the docs, the DC/OS GUI components page, the CLI components list, and the systemd service name should be easily matched (at least by humans, if not by machines). The DC/OS GUI components page names components using the first part of the systemd "description", not the systemd unit name. About a year ago we preemptively renamed many component via systemd description, but still haven't actually renamed the underlying projects. To make the user experience better in the mean time, these names should be updated to include the actual current name in parenthesis.

5) The "OAuth Service" (dcos-oauth.service) could be adjusted based on #2 and #3, but it was pointed out that it doesn't actually do OAuth, but actually OpenID Connect, which is a different standard. So I propose "DC/OS Authentication (OAuth)". This would be temporary, however, because it's being replaced by "DC/OS Identity and Access Management (Bouncer)" in DC/OS 1.10.


Karl Isenberg
January 24, 2017, 10:03 PM

Along with docs updates, we need to update the port lists for open and ee to use component name along with systemd service name.

Karl Isenberg
January 11, 2017, 7:30 PM

Alternate Phase 3 proposal accepted by eng/product email consensus.

Karl Isenberg
January 10, 2017, 6:26 PM

Alternate Phase 3 proposal:

Package Service -> DC/OS Package Manager (Cosmos)
Jobs Service -> DC/OS Jobs (Metronome)
DNS Dispatcher -> DNS Forwarder (Spartan)
OAuth Service -> DC/OS Authentication (OAuth)

Karl Isenberg
January 9, 2017, 7:27 PM

Phase 1 - Approved by Product, PR made, Pending review
Phase 2 - Approved by Product, Pending prioritization
Phase 3 - Pending Product approval
Phase 4 - Pending proposal (waiting for phase 3 product approval)


I'm gonna make this an epic with sub-tasks for each thing that needs changing.


Karl Isenberg




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